Clothing Drive!


By Laura Graham

If you are leaving Japan this year, you may have piles of clothes that you either no longer need or don’t want to pay to transport home. Of course you could put them out for recycling, disguise them as cushions and irritate your successor…  or you could donate them to this year’s AJET clothing drive and bask in the smug glow of knowing your togs have gone to people who need them.

Last year Alex Kay and I collected bags from departing JETs at the Sayonara Party, sorted through them to eliminate the sweat-patched, damaged stuff, and sent off boxes to the Japan Relief Clothing Center (JRCC) in Kobe that then sends the clothes to countries in need. Last year they went to earthquake victims in Peru.

Because of the costs involved (transporting the clothes to our apartments, arranging a delivery company to take them to Kobe, paying the JRCC to send them abroad) we appeal to everyone who gives us a bag of clothes to make a donation of 500yen (small carrier bag) or 1000yen (larger bags). Any further donations from anyone would be highly appreciated (we will be collecting at the party) and if there is any surplus after sending the clothes it will be put towards next year’s clothing drive.

Of course, if any re-contracting JETs have a feng shui attack and want to get rid of stuff we can accept it too. Please only give us clothes that are in a reasonable condition, and donate generously!


P.S. If you are not attending the party on July 12th and can’t persuade any of your friends to take a bag for you, please get in touch as we may be able to arrange something.

If you want details of how to send the clothes to the JRCC yourself, please e-mail me.

Contact : Laura Graham 080-388-70138


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