AJET Bulletin July 2008


AJET is a group, partially funded by the JET Programme, that aims to bring JETs together and organizes various trips and events throughout the year.

These are your Hiroshima-ken AJET Representatives for 2008-2009.

Callum Watson (Inter-prefectural Events)

Hi, I’m Callum, I’m from the UK and I’m going into my second year
as an ALT in Fukuyama. I’ve had quite a lot of fun this year doing both
AJET and non-AJET events so I’m looking forward to continuing the good
traditions while organising some new events outside the city so that
all you people recontracting and the newbies can have a chance to see
a bit more of the rather fantastic prefecture that we live in.

Joining Callum will be Tanya Carter (Charity Coordinator) and Aaron Sponseller (Local Events).