AJET Bulletin March 2008



Hiroshima AJET-sponsored Bonenkai at Cafe Bien (Photo by Cybil Litwiller)

By Cybil Litwiller

Hey Everyone!

Spring Break is upon us and Golden Week is just around the corner. That means that there are only a few months left before we have to say goodbye to some friends. Add more memories of your time in Japan and come out for the upcoming AJET events. So get out your planner and a pen, and write these dates down! More details will be coming as the dates get closer.

May 24/25 – Camping Trip
We are heading out of the ken for 2 days and 1 night of fun in the sun! We will be leaving early Saturday morning, in order to get some quality kayaking (or another adventure) time in the afternoon, which will be followed by relaxing and camping outside under the stars. We will then head back home on Sunday afternoon.

June ? – Carp Game
What better way to truly experience Japan than watching Japan’s national obsession, baseball?! Come and cheer on your Hiroshima Carp as they fight their way to the playoffs! The crowds, the cheering and of course, the baseball, are a sight not to be missed! The date will be decided when the schedule is posted.

July 12 – AJET Leavers Party
Come out to Mitsukoshi Beer Garden in Hiroshima and bid your friends farewell. It’s a great chance to say Sayonara to all the people you love, but can’t see on a weekly basis. All you can eat and drink? It is guaranteed to be a good time.

As always, if you want to come to an event or you have ideas or suggestions, please email us at hiroshimaajet@hotmail.com. EVERYONE is welcome at these events, so please bring your friends with you!! We are looking forward to seeing you all soon!!