AJET Bulletin, January 2008



By Cybil Litwiller

Hello Hiroshima JETS!

We hope that everyone had an amazing winter vacation and a spectacular New Year! We’re looking forward to seeing all the pictures and hearing all the stories at the Mid-Year Conference!

Before the break AJET had our annual Bonenkai. On December 15, 45 JETs headed to Café Bien in Hiroshima to celebrate the end of a great year. There were good drinks, great food and amazing people. And of course, no Japanese Bonenkai could be complete without a game of BINGO, where many winners took home gifts. Shout out to Desmond…sorry about the star, or was it a candy cane? Better luck next time!

We’ve been planning some upcoming events to keep the winter blues away. Come out on January 24, after the first day of the Mid-Year Conference, and find out what your fellow JETs have been doing for the past 5 months. It will be at Café Spice from 8-10pm, which gives you enough time to do one of two things; head to bed in preparation for the Friday seminars, or head out on the town and experience Hiroshima’s nightlife. It’s ¥4200 for 2 hours of all-you-can eat and drink. There is also space for some live performances, so if you want to show everyone your spectacular musical abilities, please let us know!

Two events are in the works for February. First there is the Naked Man Festival in Okayama-ken. Come and watch (or join) random Japanese men and your courageous fellow JETs fight for wooden sticks! We’ll send out more information as soon as Okayama AJET sends it to us.

Also, we are looking into a ski/snowboard trip in the northern part of Hiroshima-ken in February. Please let us know if you are interested and if we have the numbers we will start planning it.

Of course if there are any events you want to see happen, please email hiroshimaajet@hotmail.com or let one of the PRs know and we’ll look into it.