Nihongo no Benkyou

By Alexis Franks

Today’s Topic: Japanese proverb
Japanese: 日本の諺
Kana: にほんのことわざ

Japanese: 十人十色。
Romaji: Juu nin to iro.
Literal meaning: Ten people and colors.
Closest English equivalent: Different strokes for different folks.


Japanese: 十
Kana: じゅう
English: ten

Japanese: 人
Kana: にん
English: person/people

Kana: と
English: and

Japanese: 色
Kana: いろ
English: color(s)

Japanese: 日本の擬態語
Kana: にほんのぎたいご
English: Japanese psychomime

ぴかぴか: shine, glitter, twinkle

Example: 無数の星がぴかぴか輝いていた。 (ぴかぴか+V)
Romaji: Musuu no hoshi ga pika pika kagayaite ita.
Translation: Countless stars were twinkling (in the sky).