AJET Bulletin, January 2007


By Lisa and Casey

Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasufellow JETs! We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season full of bonenkai, travels, friends, family, and keeping warm as the temperatures have dropped. We want to thank everyone who came on the trip to Fukuoka and those who attended the first ever Hiroshima AJET Bonenkai. Both events were a huge success, and we hope that you had as much fun as we did.

To recap for those that did not go: In late November a busload of us headed to Fukuoka to watch sumo. We arrived just in time to watch the top-ranking rikishi (sumo wrestlers) take the stage. If you think sumo looks neat on TV, I promise you it is ten times cooler in person! This was our third time seeing sumo and we still are beside ourselves every time we stand next to one of the wrestlers. At the end of the day everyone threw their seat pillows into the ring, a now common ritual regardless of the intensity or outcome of the last match. Despite the misty rain all day Sunday and a few sleepy heads from Saturday night’s debauchery, we headed to Spaceworld. The park was practically empty and we owned the place. A great trip!

In December we held our Bonenkai at Ninnikuya in Hiroshima City. The food was delicious and full of garlic, which probably prevented many random kisses later in the night… We had so much fun the restaurant ran out of alcohol! Many concluded the night at MAC Bar for some illegal dancing. Again, thanks to all that came and we hope it was fun for you.

We are in the process of planning some winter and spring events, and are even beginning to think about the summer. Keep your calendars open on March 3rd as we are going to hold the first Hiroshima JET Prom. We are also possibly planning a Quiz Night, Carps game, and hopefully one last big outdoorsy weekend trip for spring. One last big adventure! Look for our emails in your inboxes from the HiroshimaAJET listserve for more information.

If you have any suggestions for events, or questions in general, send us an email at HiroshimaAJET@hotmail.com. Until next time, stay warm – before you know it the cherry blossoms will be blooming.