A Brief Guide to Yamaguchi Prefecture

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Yamaguchi. We know it as our neighbour to the south, the southernmost tip of Honshu, and a great place to grab a bite of Mexican food (at least in Iwakuni). But this southern prefecture has so much more to offer. Lowell Bell, a Yamaguchi insider, gives us a snap look at his adopted home prefecture. Be sure to give it a read! Who knows? You may just choose to make it your next weekend getaway.

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Lighting My Way: Lantern Festival in Beautiful Onomichi

By Fiona Dwinger
There are memorable experiences to be made, positive impressions to be gained, bizarre occurrences to be remembered in my new home – quaint, beautiful, bohemian, heart-warming Onomichi. One in particular however, stood out even amongst the outstanding, and that was the Onomichi Lantern Festival.

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Welcome to Osakikamijima

Long ago there was a goddess named Ichikishimahime who was looking for a good place to build a shrine in the Seto Inland Sea. She found Osakikamijima, and she liked the size of the island as well as the size of its tallest mountain, Mt. Kannomine. The goddess climbed Mt. Kannomine, but while standing at the summit a bird flew over her head and pooped on her. This put her in a foul mood so she decided to leave the island to continue her search. She then found Miyajima and decided to build her shrine there. That’s why the famous Itsukushima Shrine with its magnificent torii in the water is on Miyajima and not on Osakikamijima.

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