The Wide Island View is a webzine written for and by members of the JET Programme in Hiroshima, Japan. Created in November 2006, the Wide Island View began as a PDF newsletter emailed to members every two months. In June 2009, the publication moved online.

In addition to news and information about events for Hiroshima JETs, the Wide Island View publishes content of interest to JETs throughout Japan including articles about travel, Japanese culture, Japanese study, recipes and more. All JETs and JET alumni are encouraged to contribute, as well as other members of the English speaking community throughout Japan.

The website is currently managed by Editor-in-Chief Akilah Forde.  She can be contacted at


2008_1012Total0052Akilah Forde is the Editor-in-Chief.  She is  a fourth year JET from the sunny island of Barbados. Now, she teaches at a high school in Fukuyama.   Akilah is interested in Japanese culture, art, lifestyle and history and as a writer she often shares her thoughts and insights about life in the land of the rising sun.


Kelsey Bouse is a third year jet from Michigan, who lives in Fukuyama teaching at various elementary and junior high school.  As the Social Media and Communications Manager, she is the one you will most likely be in contact with.


 She has been to Japan once before when she studied abroad in Shiga Prefecture. She has had various adventures both then and now such as: exploring multiple prefectures, biking the shimanami kaido, and zip-lining along Lake Biwa.



RizaRiza Ugalino is an editor/ writer for the Wide Island View. She is a third year ALT in Kure, contracted through the Bremerton- Kure Sister City Program. In high school, she stayed in Kure as an exchange student, and has been involved with the program ever since. Between snapchatting and finding the next good seasonal combini beverage, she enjoys biking around town, writing, and traveling.”


Eric Wade is an editor, and occasional writer, for the Wide Island View.  He’s a third year JET, originally

Eric Wade

form Santa Clarita, California, where he attended Loyola Marymount University and completed a double-majored in Latin and English

Literature.  He likes pottery, airplanes/aviation, sports, and nature. He’s also a self-proclaimed civil war buff, a grammar pacifist and amateur philologist.

Kathy RiceKathy Rice, originally from Pennsylvania, is a fourth year Coordinator for International Relations (CIR) in Fukuyama. Her work ranges from interpreting for the mayor to writing a monthly English newsletter for local residents.  As one of our contributors, she’ll be bringing us articles on her travels around Japan and events in the Fukuyama area.


kelly_wiv_profileKelly Pieterse is a 3rd year JET from South Africa who happily lives with her husband in Kure city. Her background is rooted in film and 2D animation, but now her new found passion is painting traditionally with watercolours. Kelly spends her free time eating and painting everything that catches her eye. She’s obsessed with the colour green and you can always find her in the stationary aisle.



Desirae Witte, hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (AKA the Katakana Nightmare), is a second year ALT living in Kure. Now teaching elementary and junior high-school students in Japan, it was in high-school that she first visited Japan on exchange, and decided she wanted to live there at some point. After spending four years studying film and animation in beautiful Vancouver BC, she made the leap and landed in one of the most beautiful places in Japan – and has loved every second of it. With her JET retirement looming, she plans to spend her remaining months in Japan traveling and experiencing as much as her funds and remaining nenkyuu will allow.

If you want to become a contributor, either on a one-off basis or monthly, please contact us on the email address above.
The Wide Island View is run entirely by volunteers, and though it is free online to readers, there is a cost to run the website. Web hosting fees are paid through advertising revenue and donations. If you enjoy reading the Wide Island View, we urge you to show the love through a small donation–every yen helps. Thanks and happy reading!