The Wide Island View is the webzine written for and by members of The JET Programme in Hiroshima, Japan. Created in November 2006, the Wide Island View began as a PDF newsletter emailed to members every two months. In June 2009, the publication moved online.

In addition to news and info about events for Hiroshima JETs, the Wide Island View publishes content of interest to JETs throughout Japan, including articles about travel, Japanese culture, studying Japanese, recipes and more. All JETs and JET alumni are encouraged to contribute, as well as other members of the English speaking community throughout Japan.

The website is currently managed by editors Carlye Hodel and Liz Millership, and communications manager Courtney DaRoza.

They can be contacted at wideislandview@gmail.com.

CarlyeCarlye Hodel is editor of WIV. She’s our very own Californian girl on her 2nd year on JET teaching at an academic Senior High School in Hiroshima, and 2 Elementary-High Schools for students will physical and mental disabilities. Carlye will be staying on JET for 2014/2015, so she’ll be the one to edit your articles for the next year!

LizLiz Millership is also an editor at WIV. Liz is a 2nd year JET from the UK and she teaches Junior High School and Elementary School in the Mihara area (Hongo!) Sadly she’ll be leaving us in August but until then she’ll be editing your articles.


Courtney DaRoza is our Communications Manager / Public Relations guru. She’s a 1st year JET from Canada and she teaches Junior High School in Mihara. Courtney will be the one you talk to through the WIV email account and she’s the mastermind behind WIV newsletters and updates.

We also have several monthly contributors to WIV. Here’s the line-up so far:

TomTom Legge is a 1st year JET from the UK teaching in Mihara. Follow Tom’s hilarious stories about Ryo Takeshita as he experiences the trials and tribulations of the BET programme (British Exchange Teaching Programme). Ryo is sent to London as part of the BET programme where he soon realises that life as a BET isn’t all fun and games…


Sarah Ervin is a 2nd year JET from Portland, Oregon, teaching as a Senior High School ALT in Fukuyama. As an avid cinema-goer, Sarah is our resident film critic. If there’s a movie, she’s seen it.



Akilah Bel is a 1st year JET from the sunny island of Barbados in the Caribbean. She teaches at a high school in Fukuyama. Join her as she explores life in Japan and shares her views and thoughts on the various parts of Japanese culture and dealing with that dreaded culture shock.


Vaughn Medrum is a 1st year JET from the infamous “Sin City” itself  Las Vegas, Nevada. He is currently teaching at both elementary and junior high school level in Onomichi.  Vaughn is our man for an honest and comedic take on how to live and deal with life in Japan as a foreigner.  He is also a master of purikura  and continually looking fly (see photo).

If you want to become a contributor, either on a one-off basis or monthly, please contact us on the email address above.

The Wide Island View is run entirely by volunteers, and though it is free online to readers, there is a cost to run the website. Web hosting fees are paid through advertising revenue and donations. If you enjoy reading the Wide Island View, we urge you to show the love through a small donation – every yen helps. Thanks and Happy Reading!

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