How Many Balls?

by Liz Millership If an elementary school kid ever comes up to you asking “station, station, where is the station?” in a rhythmic chant, don’t be alarmed – this is how we’ve taught them to ask for directions. For those ALTs who don’t teach at the elementary level, the grade 5′s and 6′s are taught from a textbook called “Hi Friends”, in which a ‘chant’ is assigned for every chapter. Whilst this sounds like a good idea – the children get to practise fast paced…

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The Adventures of Ryo Takeshita Bet: The End of Year Party

For the previous 2 instalments of Ryo’s adventures, please click on the links: 1. The Adventures of Ryo Takeshita: London, England 2. The Adventures of Ryo Takeshita: How I Met Your Mother Written by Tom Legge, Illustrated by Marissa Trierweiler, Edited by Liz Millership It was Christmas time at Upper High Barnet Secondary School and everyone, except me, was getting into the festive spirit.  After 4 months of teaching in London, I was suffering.  I felt homesick, confused and it was only the rare social gatherings with my…

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